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Educating Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with Multiple Challenges

Teachers of the Deaf typically feel well prepared to meet the educational needs of students with hearing loss. However they often report that their training and experience do not provide them with the background necessary to address the demands of teaching deaf and hard of hearing students with additional learning challenges. This workshop se...
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calendarOct 10
Auditory-Verbal Therapy Basics – What if Audition Alone is Not Enough?
This course will take participants through the case study of a child with borderline auditory access. Information will be provided on the child's functioning at various points in time and action plans will be discussed. Participants will also discu...
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calendarOct 15
Maximising Auditory Performance for Children with Hearing Loss and Other Auditory Function Disorders
DAY 1 - ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION Thursday 15 October 2015, 9am - 4pm   This event has been endorsed for 15 CPD points (7.5 points each day) by Audiology Australia. This workshop was also endorsed by AG Bell Academy for 12 CEUs. LSLS certificatio...
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calendarOct 20
Implementing the IMP (Infant Monitoring of Vocal Production)
Neonatal diagnosis and amplification of hearing loss (hearing aid/cochlear implant) shines a spotlight on our professional obligation to help parents assemble the knowledge and skills they seek to develop their baby’s potential for language (spee...
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calendarOct 22
Introduction to the Neale Analysis and the YARC
Using the York Assessment of Reading Comprehension (YARC) and the Neale analysis of reading ability. In this interactive workshop, the administration, scoring and interpretation of these two popular measures of reading ability will be compared.  ...
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calendarSep 16
AATD Conference 2015 'Celebrating Deaf Education in Victoria'
On Friday 28th August, AATD Victoria hosted a most successful conference for Teachers of the Deaf and allied professionals at the Manningham Function Centre in Doncaster. VDEI was a proud supporter of this important professional learning event an... read more
calendarAug 19
C Print Update
C-Print is a captioning (speech-to-text) technology service developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.  It provides a text display of spoken information in real time which allows access to information during classes. The notes can a... read more
calendarAug 14
Developing Sound Skills for Reading: Teaching Phonological Awareness to Preschoolers with Hearing Loss
                                                              Developing Sound Skills for Reading: Teaching Phonological Awareness to Preschoolers with Hearing Loss  Jodie Belshaw and Megan Gilliver National Acoustic Laboratories This article... read more
calendarAug 14
National Acoustic Laboratory Research
In 2014, VDEI commissioned two studies recently completed by researchers from the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL). Their findings provide interesting insights into Victorian children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). Study 1: The L... read more
A review of the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) began in July 2015.The PSD Review is informed by evidence-based inclusive education research and a comprehensive consultation process.For more information about the review including how you can get involved please visit: ...