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ASLIA VICTORIA CONFERENCE 2017 - Moving Toward Best Practice in an Interpreted Classroom

​​​​​​Doug Bowen-Bailey is an interpreter practitioner and educator hailing from Duluth, Minnesota. Doug will draw on his extensive knowledge and experience in interpreting, interpreting education and interpreting research, to deliver a full day of informative sessions aimed at practitioners working in the field of education.A multitude of de...
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calendarFeb 23
Using C-Print Technology in Schools-Twilight Event
​​​C-Print is a captioning (speech-to-text) technology service developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf to improve access to education and participation in the classroom for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  C-Print i...
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calendarMar 20
Assessing Auslan Development Tool Training
​​​​​​The development of Auslan is crucial to language development and access to the curriculum by students who use sign language as a primary means of communication. VDEI funded the production of the Auslan Development Assessment tool (based on the...
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calendarJan 16
VDEI PLP Participation Data 2016
​​ Each year VDEI collects data relating to participation in it's professional learning program. This data provides VDEI with valuable information that is essential for future planning and ongoing improvement to VDEI's provision ... read more
calendarJan 10
Expression of Interest for Research Participants
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Expression of Interest for Research Participants Australia WideTeachers of the DeafMainstream/Classroom TeachersSpecial EducatorsAuslan Support PersonsParentsPast Students Speech Pathologists VDEI and the University of Melbourne are collaborati... read more
calendarDec 20
Helping Students who are DHH Navigate Teenage Years-Paula Zalcberg
​ What is Family Therapy?Some deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) teenagers find it difficult to accept their own deafness.The impact of  diverse cultures on deafnessTransition from primary school to secondary school.Identity.What is Family The... read more
calendarDec 20
Assessment Analysis and Interventions for Pragmatic Skills-​​Dr Louise Paatsch and Associate Professor Dianne Toe - Deakin University
​​Recent research suggests that pragmatic skills are delayed in children who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH) despite great gains in other aspects of language skills.Formal assessment tools for pragmatic skills are often limited to checklists.We s... read more
Feature Article Image​​​​​​VDEI has some exciting professional learning events planned for 2017. We invite you to read our schedule and plan your professional learning for the year ahead.                                  ​...