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ASLIA VICTORIA CONFERENCE 2017 - Moving Toward Best Practice in an Interpreted Classroom

​​​​​Doug Bowen-Bailey is an interpreter practitioner and educator hailing from Duluth, Minnesota. Doug will draw on his extensive knowledge and experience in interpreting, interpreting education and interpreting research, to deliver a full day of informative sessions aimed at practitioners working in the field of education.A multitude of dem...
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calendarJun 02
Online Literacy Lecture Series
​VDEI is currently developing an online lecture series titled: Literacy development for students who are deaf or hard of hearing who use spoken language. The online literacy program supports the Education State initiatives, particularly the Fram... read more
calendarApr 11
Professional learning to support inclusive teaching
​​​​​​​​​​​Professional Learning to Support Inclusive Teaching Inclusive teaching acknowledges the classroom reality of diversity by providing multiple ways for children and young people to access content and demonstrate the... read more
calendarAug 19
C Print Update
C-Print is a captioning (speech-to-text) technology service developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.  It provides a text display of spoken information in real time which allows access to information during classes. The notes ... read more
calendarAug 14
Developing Sound Skills for Reading: Teaching Phonological Awareness to Preschoolers with Hearing Loss
                                                              Developing Sound Skills for Read... read more
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​ Inclusive education emphasises that all students are equal members with equal rights to education. All learners regardless of race, ethnicity, social class, or ability are welcomed, involved, and supported. Accessible learning settings and quality teaching that accommodates to the learning needs of individual students also demonstrates best practice for inclusive education. Inclusive schools work when all students learn together regardless of their differences.Inclusive education can be ...