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Next Event | Sep 01

Facilitating the Development of Theory of Mind Webinar

​​​​​VDEI will be hosting Dr Stacey Tucci's once-off webinar about Theory of Mind. Dr Tucci will present her research and also an evidence-based intervention to improve Theory of Mind in children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). She designed this intervention with Susan Easterbrooks and Amy Lederberg at Georgia State University.Theory of Min...
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calendarSep 08
Assessments, Analysis and Interventions for Pragmatic Skills
​​​​VDEI are pleased to be hosting a one day workshop on Assessments, Analysis and Interventions for Pragmatic Skills in September. The presenters will be Associate Professor Dianne Toe and Dr Louise Paatsch from Deakin University.Students who are d...
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calendarOct 06
Educational Audiology - Increasing Teacher Capacity for Improving Access to Assistive Educational Technology
​​​​​​​VDEI are delighted to provide up-skilling for educational audiology in 2016. Dr Susan Dillmuth-Miller, former president of the Educational Audiology Association in the USA, will host these asynchronous webinars.Many students who are deaf or h...
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calendarOct 20
Linking Evidence-Based Interventions to Assessment Driven Goals
​​​Kate Leigh and Sharon Klieve from the Learning Intervention team at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education will deliver a one day workshop on deriving goals from holistic assessment and selecting evidence-based interventions.This workshop wil...
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calendarNov 14
The Education of Deaf Children - Over 20 Years of Cochlear Implantation - So What
Cochlear implantation in children began over twenty years ago: comparatively recently compared with the long history of deaf education. In this short time, the process has gone from being highly controversial to being accepted provision for deaf...
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calendarJun 24
VDEI Term Two Newsletter
The Victorian Deaf Education Institute was established, inpart, to monitor and improve outcomes for students who are deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH). Research is a valuable method of understanding best educational practice for teachers and students ... read more
calendarJun 02
Online Literacy Lecture Series
​VDEI is currently developing an online lecture series titled: Literacy development for students who are deaf or hard of hearing who use spoken language. The online literacy program supports the Education State initiatives, particularly the Fram... read more
calendarApr 11
Professional learning to support inclusive teaching
​​​​​​​​​​​Professional Learning to Support Inclusive Teaching Inclusive teaching acknowledges the classroom reality of diversity by providing multiple ways for children and young people to access content and demonstrate the... read more
calendarNov 23
Professional Learning 2016 Snapshot
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​The 2016 Professional learning 2016 snapshot is available. The program covers a vast range of topics, including: transition early intervention the Auslan Development Checklist theory of mind and education audiology. Downloadable versions can b... read more
​​​VDEI has produced a short video in which three parents share their stories and that of their child who is deaf or hard of hearing as they transition from early intervention into primary school. These stories capture some of the challenges faced by parents when considering the best education options for their child, and how they have successfully transitioned their child from early childhood through to primary school learning.​Parent's Perspective: Transitioning children that are dea...

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