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Calendar of Events

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​​The Victorian Deaf Education Institute offers an innovative professional learning program in partnership with schools, universities and professional organisations, catering for Victorian education professionals who are supporting students who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as students with additional needs, across a range of educational settings.

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, key learning needs have been identified across sectors and the themes provide the foundation for VDEI's professional learning. Facilitated by leading academics and practitioners, professional learning programs are offered on topics such as:  language and literacy development; assistive technologies; audiology; research to practice; social and emotional development; speech development; production; communication skills for professionals; and assessment to intervention.

Since its establishment in 2010, VDEI has provided an innovative suite of high quality professional learning programs to more than 1000 professionals working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

VDEI demonstrates exemplary practice in its focus on inclusive and accessible learning, including the provision of interpreting at professional learning workshops and seminars, live captioning, and remote access via videoconferencing on request.

calendarOct 12
2 day event
Using Sign Language Assessment Results to Inform Practice
​SeminarThe development and use of both Auslan and English remains the focus of bilingual classrooms for Deaf students who want to become proficiently bilingual. This requires teachers to have a clear picture about the language needs of their studen...
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calendarOct 19
3 day event
Conductive hearing loss in children and young people - Online Webinar Series
​Three-part Online Webinar Series Often undiagnosed hearing loss resulting from ear disease can impede learning and may affect long-term life outcomes. The inability to follow what is said at school affects understanding and leads children to b...
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