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C Print Update

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C-Print is a captioning (speech-to-text) technology service developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.  It provides a text display of spoken information in real time which allows access to information during classes. The notes can also be used afterward for revision, review and as a focus for teaching. It is a keyboard based system in which a trained service provider produces captions using a standard keyboard. C-Print can be provided remotely (usually within the school) or in the classroom. The captionist uses text-condensing strategies, rather than provide a verbatim transcription.

The 2015 C-Print project, is a extension of the program commenced in term 4, 2014. Funding provided to trial schools will allow captioning services to be made available to students in years 10-12 in terms 2-3, 2015. The support provided includes: online training, captioner and coordinator provision, equipment and IT support. Students involved in the trial are provided with C-Print captioning in 80% of the timetabled classes of two subjects. Students receive captioning either on an iPad, a netbook, interactive whiteboard or laptop computer.

An evaluation of the program has commenced using the framework devised for the Real-time captioning (RTC) evaluation. Components of the evaluation include: literacy evaluation, surveys for staff and students, a school data audit and interviews. This evaluation which will also include a comparison of RTC and C-Print is expected to be completed by February 2016.