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Coaching and mentoring opportunities in 2015

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Applicants have now been selected for the following two new coaching and mentoring programs which will begin in 2015:
o   Coaching and mentoring program: Advanced pedagogy in signed language (1 year program in 2015)
o   Coaching and mentoring program: Auditory–verbal pedagogy (3 year program 2015 - 2017)
The selection process for these programs was extremely competitive as the quality of the applicant pool was exceptional.  Congratulations to those who were successful, we hope you enjoy the program, and where candidates were unsuccessful, VDEI encourage you to reapply, should the program run again.
The selection process for participants was rigorous to ensure that every application received the attention it deserved.  VDEI recognises and respects the enthusiasm of the sector to be involved in this project.
In the Advanced Pedagogy in Signed Language, the first component of the course will involve completion of EDUC6858 Advanced Pedagogy in Signed Language via the University of Newcastle non-award program.  This includes participation in an online Blackboard component and attendance at a three-day VDEI-based professional learning program to be held in Melbourne on 29-30 April and 1 May 2015.  
The second part of the course includes school terms three and four involving intensive online mentoring, which includes analysis or recorded teaching of the teacher of the deaf and of the mentor, Dr Breda Carty. All online components are to be completed out of school hours.
VDEI is offering funding for participants to take part in these programs offering specialist coaching and mentoring from sector experts in the relevant fields.
The Coaching and Mentoring program for Auditory Verbal Therapy will follow the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language (LSLS) guidelines and domain content and involves a 3 year commitment by participants. The program includes: online mentoring involving video observation, analysis and feedback; and attending online teaching.
Participants will work towards attaining complex auditory verbal intervention skills and coaching and guiding parents in listening and spoken strategies.  
At the conclusion of the program participants will have the option of undertaking the exams to pass the AG Bell academy LSLS certification at their own cost.