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Engaging kids today – it’s not just about iPads with Dan Haesler

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In ‘Engaging kids today – it’s not just about iPads’ with Dan Haesler held on 21 March 2013 at VDEI, participants were able to  explore how engagement in today’s world has never been more important. 
In particular, Dan addressed the three questions:  Do we really know what engagement looks like? What can we do to enhance engagement in our students?  What are the links between engagement, wellbeing and achievement?
During this highly interactive course, participants used Google Docs, Poll Everywhere, Cryptocat and Wikispaces. Dan spoke about the power of social media to develop your own professional learning network (PLN), how to develop one and why collaboration is the key to enhancing engagement. Participants trialled some of the suggested apps and internet tools as well as discussed examples of some that they have use with their students which have had great results. 
Dan also discussed the use of games in education and took participants on a tour of Second Life, a virtual world which enables things such as setting the Sistine Chapel as a highly visual virtual meeting place for an art class to explore the work of Michelangelo.  Using the theories, tools and strategies, participants were able to discuss possible projects they could work on with their students or across schools in order to foster genuine engagement.   
A byproduct of the PD was a great wiki that VDEI invites all deaf educators to contribute to.  It can be found here.
Described as engaging, thought provoking and someone who pushes the boundaries, Dan Haesler has appeared alongside some of the world’s most respected educational thinkers including Sir Ken Robinson and Stephen Heppell.
He has also shared the stage with well-known Australian identities such as Academy Award-winning animator Adam Elliot, as well as Therese Rein, Michael Carr-Gregg, Steve Biddulph and Melinda Tankard Reist to name a few.
As well as speaking around Australia, Dan’s work has been featured on Channel 10 and the ABC, as well as writing for Fairfax media. He is also the founder of YouthEngage – a not-for-profit initiative aimed at working with children at risk and their communities.