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Expression of Interest for Research Participants

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​Expression of Interest for Research Participants 
Australia Wide

Teachers of the Deaf
Mainstream/Classroom Teachers
Special Educators
Auslan Support Persons
Past Students
Speech Pathologists

VDEI and the University of Melbourne are collaborating on research entitled, “Educational support for students with significant hearing loss: Policy and practice”. We seek a range of research participants including, speech pathologists, parents, teachers of the deaf, mainstream teachers, special educators, Auslan support persons (e.g. interpreters, Auslan role models) who are currently supporting students with hearing loss within an educational setting in Australia, and also past students over 18 years, to participate in the study.

Background: The University of Melbourne, VDEI and a VDEI Research Advisory Panel inform, guide and support this research.

Study One: The recruitment for part one is complete and analysis of data is underway. This pilot study examined Teacher of the Deaf perspectives regarding support provided to students with hearing loss in Victorian government, independent and Catholic schools. These data provided a first snapshot of support settings for students with hearing loss.

Study Two: (This is where you come in!) Part two encompasses a broader perspective by including a wider range of persons who support students with hearing loss, including speech pathologists, parents, teachers of the deaf, mainstream teachers, special educators, Auslan support persons (e.g. interpreters, Auslan role models). 

Participant Requirements:  Participants in part two will be required to engage in one semi-structured interview, approximately one-hour duration with Dr Shani Dettman, Speech Pathologist, and Senior Researcher at the University of Melbourne.

Interview Location:  Interviews may occur at your school, at the University of Melbourne or in any quiet setting nominated by you. Interviews can also occur over Skype at a time and location agreed to by both interviewer and interviewee. An Auslan interpreter is available if requested.

Data Storage:  This research project has been approved by three ethics committees; The University of Melbourne, Department of Education and Training and Catholic Education (Melbourne). Interviews will be recorded, de-identified and sent to eScribe. (eScribe is an Australian owned and operated firm that provides a professional online audio-video transcription service. Transcribers are professional and security screened (Police Check Clearance), reside in Australia and are bound by signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements. eScribe uses encryption file protection and a host server with a highly credible Australian secure data centre). At no time in the research study, will anyone other than Dr Shani Dettman be aware of the interviewee identity. De-identified transcriptions of each interview will undergo qualitative thematic analysis.

Risks:  The only potential risk from participation in this study is participant distress caused while discussing their perspectives regarding their work and experiences. Psychological risks include; voluntary disclosure of personal, sensitive or embarrassing information, and/or participants may feel their input/efforts are being criticised or devalued. There is a potential risk that participant distress may not be apparent during the interview and may occur after the close of the interview. To address this, the participants will receive a copy of their own verbatim transcription.

Publications and presentations:  The de-identified results of this research will be published and/or presented at local and international conferences.

If you would like more information, with no obligation to participate, please contact Dr Shani Dettman: phone: 9035 5336 (office); mobile 0439 326 509; or e-mail . Shani will send you the full Plain Language Summary and Consent Form to read.

Principal Researcher                         University of Melbourne                       Dr Shani Dettman
Associate Investigator(s)                   University of Melbourne                       Prof Richard Dowell
                                                            University of Melbourne                       Dr Caitlin Grenness
                                                            University of Melbourne                       Dr Julia Sarant
                                                            University of Melbourne                       Associate Prof Lorraine Graham
                                                            Victorian Deaf Education Institute        Associate Prof Jill Duncan