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Great English and Maths Apps for Deaf secondary students

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Student touching iPadiPad apps that are visual, engaging and support learning are a powerful resource in teaching and learning. They promote risk taking which for many Deaf students is something that they often do not like to do for fear of being wrong. Starting with literacy, the 'isentence' app gives a visual clue as to which words students can choose from to build a grammatically correct sentence. This helps develop student's understanding of grammar.
The 'icommunicate' app albeit a little expensive is a powerful tool to expand student's vocabulary by building visual dictionaries that can be created around topics or storyboards.  Spelling apps such as 'spell it rite' and 'ispelling' give students practice with an emphasis on phonological awareness.
In terms of numeracy, 'Timestables' and 'Math Bingo' are great apps for developing students' basic number skills. With regular practice, students’ basic mental arithmetic skills will show improvement. Fractions apps such as 'FreddieFraction' and 'Fractions' provide games, visual lessons and skill testing that can be also be used to track student progress.
The 'GraphCalc HD' app is an excellent graphing equation tool that locates intercepts, intersections and more. The 'calculator for iPad' app doubles as both a basic and scientific calculator. Having trouble remembering formulas? No problem!  Just go to the 'Formulas' app that provides a simple menu system for finding the correct formula required. Need a spreadsheet for data analsyis? Look no further than the 'Numbers' app which is the iPad equivalent of Excel.
In terms of reference materials that can be stored on an iPad, 'Dropbox' provides the access for sharing large textbook files on iPads so that revision and study are always accessible with your fingertips.