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High stakes - promoting DHH student access with Dr Cheryl DeConde Johnson

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International speaker Dr Cheryl DeConde Johnson presented a very successful presentation to educators of deaf children at the Institute on 7 March 2013. 

As the education of children who explored deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) evolves, the roles of teachers are also changing. This workshop explored the changing profile of deaf and hard of hearing students and the subsequent impact on deaf education and parent involvement, including a suggested model for managing services to these children. A variety of tools that assist with assessment and determining service and placement, classroom listening, classroom acoustics, communication access and self-advocacy was discussed. This event was accredited for 6 CEU’s by the AG Bell Academy.

Dr. Cheryl DeConde Johnson provides consulting services in educational audiology and deaf education focusing on state deaf education service delivery and accountability systems through her practice, The ADEvantage. She also holds adjunct faculty appointments in audiology at the University of Colorado and the University of Northern Colorado and in deaf education at the University of Arizona.  Dr. Johnson is co-author of the Educational Audiology Handbook, 2nd edition. As a parent of a grown daughter with hearing loss, Dr. Johnson applies her personal and professional experience throughout her work and as co-founder and Board President of Hand & Voices.

“As a coordinator, having to evaluate students and the environments they work in is vital and today’s presentation presented me with many great ideas and tools which I will use,” says Ian Saynor, Head of Hearing Unit at Yarra Valley Grammar.

Katherine Gee, Visiting Teacher Hearing Impaired, North Western Victoria said:  ‘At last someone who understands the problems we and our students encounter!  Fabulous resources for assessing language – can’t wait to trial them and share with our VT team and mainstream teachers.’
Sara Kenfield, Deaf Facility Coordinator, Mount View Primary School said, ‘Tools and resources were fabulous and will be used in our program.  They will help to generate purposeful feedback from our students.  Classroom acoustic apps will be very helpful.  Very relevant and useful.’