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'More than just talk: speech assessment and intervention for children with hearing loss' with Dr Christina Perigoe

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DSC_0019 (Small) (Mobile).JPGDr Christina Perigoe from The University of Southern Mississippi gave a two day presentation at the Victorian Deaf Education Institute on 21 and 22 November 2013. 

Dr Christina Perigoe is the Coordinator of the Early Oral Intervention graduate program at The University of Southern Mississippi.  This program trains professionals to work with families in maximising the listening and spoken language potential of infants and young children with hearing loss.  She is a certified teacher of the deaf, speech pathologist and auditory-verbal therapist.
Dr. Perigoe holds a PhD in Communication Disorders from McGill University, Masters degrees in Education, Education of the Deaf, and Research in Communication Disorders, and a post-graduate degree in Educational Administration and Supervision.  She has been a clinical supervisor, administrator and university professor, having taught in Montreal (Canada), Melbourne (Australia), Vermont, Florida, and New Jersey.  She was the co-editor of The Volta Review Monograph (2004) on the topic of children with hearing loss and additional special needs and co-editor of The Volta Review Monograph (2010) entitled "Professional Preparation for Listening and Spoken Language Practitioners."
Many children with hearing loss spend their early years in programs designed to promote listening and spoken language. These programs regularly assess speech and language and use these results to program intervention accordingly. Once children start school around the age of five, regular assessment and applied intervention may be more difficult to incorporate into regular daily programs. Children who have been assessed regularly in specialised programs may be resistant to testing in their mainstream schools as a result of assessment fatigue or because it distinguishes them from their hearing peers.  Teachers and therapists may not feel that they have the skills and knowledge to develop and implement an intervention program within the regular school curriculum.

The first day of this comprehensive two day course provided an in-depth review of speech assessments that can be used with school aged children including phonetic and phonological level assessments and also covered the importance of taking language samples to inform targeted teaching goals.  All of the assessments discussed in the program may be used by speech therapists and teachers of the deaf.

During the second day, Dr Perigoe provided a range of intervention strategies and activities and discussed methods of using them in daily school routines.  This interactive workshop provided participants with opportunities to discuss examples and challenging cases and take away a set of tools that could be used within the practice. 

"Christina is a very engaging presenter.  The material she covered was directly relevant to everyday practice,” said Sharyn Langley, teacher of the deaf, Willmott Park Primary School.

“Clear, distilled information which was easy to follow.  Loads of examples and supporting materials.  Great to see video clip examples of Dr.Christina Perigoe & Daniel Ling using the tools with hearing impaired children,” said Milica Fraser, parent of hearing impaired child attending Mount View Primary School. “An increased understanding of the way speech pathologists evaluate children’s needs and create targets which can only positively impact my delivery of the programme with my child at home."​