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Towards Victoria as a Learning Community

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The Victorian Government’s new position paper, Towards Victoria as a Learning Community, released on 15 November 2012, outlines major reforms that will help lift the performance of Victoria’s students into the global top tier in the next decade.
Professional trust is at the heart of the Victorian Government’s vision for education reform, initially outlined by Education Minister Martin Dixon last November in a lecture entitled Victoria as a Learning Community. The Government’s plan is to empower principals, teachers and parents as key decision makers in their schools through a new focus on professional trust.
The key reforms outlined in Towards Victoria as a Learning Community include new expectations for professional practice and increased autonomy, in addition to new Year 12 programs, more flexible student reports, peer-reviews for schools and a new online portal allowing schools to compare their performance with counterparts throughout the state.
The Department will soon begin consultation with key stakeholders on the implementation of the changes from the start of next year.
The importance of our education system demands that we continually seek ways to innovate and improve. It is the foundation of a good society, driving opportunity, creativity and success for individuals and communities.
Click here to read the paperTowards Victoria as a Learning Community