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VCAA Special Provision Review and online survey

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The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) is seeking your feedback in its review of current policy and procedures associated with administering Special Provision within school-based assessment and VCE examinations (with a particular focus on the Special Examination Arrangements (SEA) and the Derived Examination Score (DES) processes, via an online survey.  
The online survey, which we encourage you to complete, will be open from Tuesday 11 March until Friday 4 April 2014. 
The VCAA policies and procedures were last reviewed in in 2005. The purpose of the review is to:
·          Ensure special provision policies are in line with relevant Federal and State legislation.
·          Address and/or respond to the concerns of key stakeholder groups.
·          Develop a better process for ensuring consistency across provisions provided for school-based assessments and VCE examinations.
·          Explore the possibility of approving provisions prior to the commencement of a student’s VCE or VCAL program.
The review will involve four key stages:
Stage 1 – Online Survey
The first stage of the review will seek stakeholder feedback on current policies and processes via the online survey. This feedback will form the basis of focus group discussions, which follow later in the year.
Stage 2 – Focus Groups
The feedback from the online survey will help inform the development of focus questions and raise issues for focus group discussion.
Stakeholder groups will be asked to nominate a representative/s to attend focus groups.
The focus groups will take place during July and/or August. More detailed information will be made available once the program for each focus group has been confirmed.
Stage 3 – Recommendations
The VCAA will publish any recommendations for a change in policy or process at the conclusion of the focus group stage. The recommendations will be disseminated to the focus group attendees and other stakeholders seeking their written feedback. Where deemed necessary a particular focus group may be recalled to discuss the recommendations.
Stage 4 – Policy Document
The VCAA will publish its revised/updated policy documents and timeline for implementation. This information will then be made publicly available on the VCAA website and related publications e.g. VCE/VCAL Administrative Handbook.
For more information, Contact
For any queries regarding the review please contact Wayne Condick from VCAA by telephone on (03) 9225-2215 or by email at: