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Professional learning video: 'Strategies for using soundfield systems in classrooms' | Monday, September 8, 2014

Mainstream teachers who have a child in their classroom who is hard of hearing will need to become familiar with the personal FM technology the child uses, and in some cases may be required to work with a sound field system as well. This video is intended to support mainstream teachers who are unfamiliar with sound field system technology, to integrate the system with the child’s personal equipment, and other classroom equipment such as interactive whiteboards and screens.  It is recommended that teachers seek professional development from the manufacturer/supplier for additional support about the particular sound field system used in their educational setting.

To view the video click the link below:

Inclusion Online - Understanding Hearing Loss Course | Tuesday, March 11, 2014

​Inclusion Online is an online learning portal that offers a suite of online learning courses that enables teachers to undertake professional learning focussing on the understanding, assessment and classroom support of students with disabilities and learning difficulties.  

The Understanding Hearing Loss course is held over one school term (ten weeks).  To complete the course, participants must take part in three face to face sessions and commit to two hours of self-paced work per week. 

The course provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills teachers require to support the teaching and learning needs of students with hearing loss. The course has four main elements: understanding, assessment for learning, interventions and case studies. 

The content is presented in a variety of different formats to engage interest and accommodate different learning preferences.  All courses include interactions, animations and video examples, as well as written materials and links to online resources. 

These courses are advertised each term through a bulletin to schools. 

Locations are nominated each term.  Some courses will be presented via video conference. 

For more information, view the flyer below or go to or call Kaye or Sandra at VDEI on 03 9032 6400.  To register for available courses, search and enrol through PD online at  Cost is $15 through PD online. 

Inclusion Online flyer PDF

Professional learning video: 'Hearing Aid Technology' | Friday, February 28, 2014

Did you miss our recent PD, 'What's new in hearing aid technology' with Karin Gillies from Australian Hearing held at VDEI on Thursday 13 February 2014? 

If so, here is your opportunity to catch up on the live event. 

You can view the captioned video is available at the link below. 

Professional learning video: 'Hearing Aid Technology'

'What's new in hearing aid technology' ​

Professional learning webinar: 'Using online tools to support learners with special needs' | Thursday, September 13, 2012

This webinar was presented by two visiting academics, Dr Kate Mitchem and Kevin Koury from the California University of Pennsylvania, who provided a brief overview of a suite of tools that have been designed to support the successful integration of students with disabilities and challenging behaviours in inclusive classrooms. 
The tools and cases have been developed and tested through a series of U.S. Department of Education grant awards and are available for free download at   and  
The software, called “Electronic Performance Support Systems” (EPSS), is a collection of easy‐to‐use templates for students aged 3‐18 to personalise and use independently in school and home settings. EPSS software and websites are beginning to be used in special education to help students learn self-management, problem‐solving, organisational and planning skills. These tools provide real‐time supports for students with various disabilities and at the same time support teachers in shifting the responsibility to students for their behaviours.
Dr. Kate Mitchem is Professor and Chair in the Department of Special Education at California University of Pennsylvania (CalU). During her career in special education, Dr. Mitchem has taught students with learning disabilities and behavioural disorders in a variety of settings, as well as coordinating a large federally funded prevention project in the middle and high schools of an inner city school district.

Her current research interests focus on bridging the research to practice gap in special education through effective preservice and inservice teacher education, multimedia case-based instruction, and use of EPSS to support students with disabilities in inclusive settings.
Kevin Koury is a Professor and Dean of the College of Education and Human Services at California University of Pennsylvania. As a faculty member he taught in the areas of learning disabilities, strategies instruction, assessment and instructional methodologies, inclusion, and applied technology.
Kevin was the co-director of the KidTools Support System and the Strategy Tools Support System projects. He coordinated the research activities for the use of the KidSkills programs in public schools in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, the development of the orientation module for the KidTools Support System, and was the content developer for Strategy Tools software.
This session was run online via the Department’s Virtual Conference Centre using Elluminate/ Blackboard Collaborate software on Monday 13 August 2012 from 4.30pm – 5.30pm. 
To access the recording, please click the link below:
Please note you will need to click "download file" > "run" and accept any user agreements to run this recording. You may also need to click the play button in the Blackboard Collaborate window to view the recording.