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Eriks-Brophy, Associate Professor Alice

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Alice Eriks-Brophy (B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc. (A), M.Sc., PhD) is Associate Professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Toronto, where she teaches courses in aural rehabilitation and articulation development and disorders.  Prior to embarking on an academic career, Alice worked as an itinerant teacher for the Montréal Oral School for the Deaf and as an elementary classroom teacher in several Aboriginal communities in northern and southern Québec. 

Alice’s research interests include the role of family involvement in communication outcomes for children with hearing loss as well as the provision of culturally appropriate intervention to minority culture children.  An ongoing research project examines minority language families’ perceptions of their involvement in early oral intervention programs for their children with hearing loss and the goodness of fit of intervention and participation expectations with these perceptions. The project involves the use of the LENA device, a digital body-worn language processor that captures aspects of language interactions between adults and children including adult input, children’s speech and non-speech vocalizations, turn taking, and environmental stimuli.  A recently completed project examined the use of telehealth in the provision of culturally appropriate speech and language assessments for bilingual and English dialect-speaking First Nations children living in remote and isolated regions of northern Ontario.