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Brown, Associate Professor Margaret

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Associate Professor Margaret Brown will present the findings of a study completed for VDEI that investigated Individual Learning Plans for students who are deaf and hard of hearing attending facilities and schools for the deaf in Victoria.  Data were collected from three sources. 
The first set of data came from coordinators and principals of services and teachers of the deaf who completed on-line surveys.  Second, a small group of these coordinators were interviewed.  For the third part of the data collection, the students' assessment and planning portfolios were scrutinised for the level of evidence of formal and informal assessment used to generate goals for the ILP. 
These goals were then assessed according to the SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely).  Findings indicated that results of assessments were seldom used to inform goal setting. 
Despite this, most goals appeared relevant and achievable, although the specificity and measurability of goals remained an area to work on.  These results suggest various avenues for improving current practice through further in-service for teachers of the deaf.