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Anderson, Dr Karen L.

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​Karen Anderson PhD has worked in clinical, public school and state-level Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) settings to address the needs of children with hearing loss. Karen is a past president of the Educational Audiology Association and the Washington Speech and Hearing Association. She has been awarded the Fred Berg Award in Educational Audiology. Karen is the author of the Screening Instruments For Targeting Educational Risk (SIFTERs) and the Early Listening Function (ELF), and is co-author of the Listening Instrument For Education (LIFE and LIFE-R), Children’s Home Inventory of Listening Difficulties (CHILD), and numerous journal articles and book chapters.

Dr Anderson is Director of Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss ( which provides many online resources to parents and professionals.

 Her recent publications include Building Skills for School Success in the Fast-Paced Classroom, the Student Communication Repair Inventory & Practical Training (SCRIPT), Building Skills for Independence in the Mainstream, the Developing Child with Unilateral Hearing Loss and Achieving Effective Hearing Aid Use in Early Childhood.