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Sharma, Professor Anu

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Professor, Dept. of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences at the University of Colorado at BoulderAdjunct Professor, Dept. of Otolaryngology at the University of Colorado at Denver Health Science CenterAdjunct Professor, University of Texas at Dallas, Callier Center for Communication Disorders.

For more than 10 years, Dr Sharma's research has examined issues related to brain development in children with cochlear implants. In particular, she is interested in examining cortical maturation in children with unilateral and bilateral cochlear implants and in children who are fitted with hearing aids. Dr Sharma’s research is exploring issues related to sensitive periods for central auditory development, cortical re-organization and cross-modal plasticity in children with cochlear implants.

In a related line of research, Dr Sharma is developing clinical biomarkers for auditory cortical maturation in children with hearing impairment and cochlear implants. Dr Sharma is the principal investigator of two grants from the National Institute of Health. Her NIH funded work on cochlear implants has been highlighted in a report presented to the United States Congress. She has also received grants from the National Organisation for Hearing Research and American Hearing Research Foundation.

Dr Sharma has won awards for her research at international scientific meetings. She regularly gives keynote addresses at national and international conferences.