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Archbold, Sue

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​Back in 1989, at the outset of The Ear Foundation, as a teacher of the deaf, I never dreamt that I would see the changes in opportunities for deaf children brought about by cochlear implantation. It’s a privilege to have observed the dramatic changes in opportunities offered by today’s hearing technologies, particularly cochlear implants, for deaf children and adults.  The Ear Foundation led the way in the provision of cochlear implants for children, and now I am delighted to be leading our great team in ensuring that the potential of the technology is reached in everyday life.

My experience in education, in managing Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme for 15 years, in delivering clinical services and in qualitative research gives me the background to run this exciting and diverse Third Sector organisation with its great team of staff, Trustees and volunteers.  My national and international contacts in education, audiology, ENT, speech and language and cochlear implantation ensure that we are up to date with the latest research and practice and that we are influential across this diverse field.

Most of all, our team share the passion in putting our users- deaf children, young people, adults and their families - at the heart of what we do.