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The VDEI Assessment Protocol

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​In April 2016 Associate Professor Margaret Brown, a Principal Fellow with Melbourne Graduate School of Education launched the VDEI Protocol for the Assessment of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The Protocol can be implemented with primary and secondary school students.

The primary aim of the Protocol is to provide teachers with a framework for assessment, goal setting, teaching, and review of the progress of primary and secondary students with significant levels of hearing loss, particularly those using spoken language; however aspects of the Protocol are also appropriate for students communicating through Auslan.

The Protocol covers major developmental domains such as cognitive and behavioural assessment, speech, language and communication, literacy and social-emotional competence. It also addresses device use and maintenance, for students for whom this is appropriate.  In summary, it provides a framework for teachers to generate data from which to design and implement appropriate interventions and to evaluate these interventions

Click here to access the VDEI Assessment Protocol