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Eastwood Deaf Facility

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This project focussed on designing a program to develop skills in deaf and hard of hearing students related to the following core areas:

  • Joining In – how to approach others in the classroom and playground
  • Understanding and interpreting non-verbal cues
  • Learning strategies to assist becoming a ‘good listener’
  • Learning strategies to assist becoming a ‘good speaker’
  • Dealing with conflict – Managing my feelings and emotion
  • Conflict resolution – How can I achieve an outcome that helps both people?
  • Anxiety – Developing strategies to manage this in the classroom and playground
  • Bullying – Understanding it’s various forms and developing strategies to deal with it
  • Resilience – How to ‘cope’ and deal with issues that don’t turn out how I want

It is hoped that a web-based program will be available for practitioners to use in the near future.

For further information on this project please contact staff at the Eastwood Deaf Facility: