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Forest Hill College Deaf Facility

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In 2011 the deaf facility staff at Forest Hill College as part of the Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) Resource Development Project undertook a project to develop a modified literacy resource, based on the Fairview Learning Reading Program. The project enabled two teachers to be trained directly through the company, with the other teachers of the deaf receiving school-based training by the two trained teachers.

The Fairview learning reading program is designed specifically for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is not a curriculum, rather a set of high yield strategies to be used with an existing curriculum. It is not a scripted process. It is 100% student driven. Fairview provides the tools needed to achieve within a program. Utilizing Fairview as an established, clearly documented, methodological program with sound and effective resources, enables teachers of the deaf to confidently go about the task of assisting deaf students develop their ability to read and write competently in English. Using this program with secondary students aims to develop a solid foundation in reading and writing whilst establishing a system that teachers can then build on, taking students into secondary literacy levels and beyond.

As a part of the project, all materials were modified and translated from ASL to Auslan. Material was then captured in a visual format, which proved a useful tool during instructional teaching and self-directed learning. All teachers found the program easy to use and students appeared to enjoy the sessions.

The resources and concepts are still being used by teachers as a foundation to improve literacy and specifically expand vocabulary in both signing and oral students. Concepts are adapted to suit individual learning styles and teachers report they feel more confident in their choice of instructional strategies.

For further information about this project please contact staff from the Forest Hill College Deaf Facility

For further information about this project please click on the link below:
Fairview Learning Initial Training(PDF)
Fairview Learning Initial Training (docx - 75.38kb)