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Transition to Primary School

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The Transition to Primary School Program/Kit is designed for educators and families involved in transitioning a child who is deaf or hard of hearing (with any level of hearing loss) into primary school (Government, Catholic, or Independent). Educators may include early intervention staff, pre-primary early educators (kindergarten teachers), day care or child care staff, classroom teachers, visiting teachers and other professionals involved with the family such as: speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists etc


The kit is designed to support families and those working with families who are involved in transitioning a child who is deaf or hard of hearing into primary school. It aims to inform those involved about the transition process and the part each need to play to help ensure a positive transition experience for the child and family. The kit aims to highlight important dates within the transition timeline, whilst encouraging strong communication links between the family, school and local community. Partnerships are fostered between these groups, setting the scene for ongoing positive relationships
throughout the primary school years.


The Transition to Primary School Program/Kit includes handouts for families, early intervention workers, visiting teachers, and schools to
use (these are available to download below). The program/kit
includes a Professional Development PowerPoint presentation on CD
for teachers of the deaf to present to school staff. In addition, there is a story book about a character called Blue Bear who wears hearing
aids and is getting ready for his first day at school.

New Blue Bear App

Blue Bear has made it to school! Help him to go to
different areas of the school on this interactive digital solution

View the Digital Solution Here:

Blue Bear Goes to School

View the Auslan Version of Blue Bear Gets Ready for School:
Blue Bear Gets Ready for School


There are downloadable copies of the resources included in the Transition into Primary School kit:
About Me Book
The About Me book is a template to be filled in either by early
         intervention workers, kindergartens or families.
The School Checklist is for the family to use. It gives possible
        points to consider when visiting potential schools for their child.
This document gives some handy hints for teachers who are working
         in the classroom with a student who is deaf or hard of hearing. It gives
         strategies that can be easily implemented into the classroom that include
         ideas about reducing background noise, optimal seating arrangements
         and inclusive strategies that can be used by teachers.

The Possible Timeline for School Transition
The Possible Timeline for School Transition document gives a
         visual plan of a child's transition to school over a period of five
         terms - term one the year prior to the child starting school to term
         one of the year the child starts school.
Transitioning Student Details (pdf - 108.75kb)
The Transitioning Student Details document is best completed
         by the family before they attend the Transition Meeting. The
         family may like to refer to the document during the meeting
         while discussing the needs of their child.
The Student Snapshot is a document that can be completed
         by the child with the family’s assistance. The child can talk
         about their ‘Snapshot’ with their new classroom teacher.
The Student Support Group Meeting (some points to
         consider) document has been developed to be used alongside
         the 2013 Student Support Group - Guidelines for Schools and
         Families from the Department of Education and Early
         Childhood Development.
Your Blank Timeline


The Transition to Primary School kit resources can now be downloaded in five languages available on the links below:                          

Arabic   |   Dari   |   Simplified Chinese   |   Turkish   |   Vietnamese