There are numerous roles dedicated to supporting deaf and hard of hearing students within Victorian government schools, such as Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs), Educational Interpreters and Education Support (ES).  Each role plays an integral part in ensuring all deaf and hard of hearing students learn in safe and inclusive school environments.

Teacher of the Deaf (ToDs)

Teachers of the Deaf (also known as ToDs) are qualified teachers who have undertaken further training to teach children with hearing loss. ToDs provide support to deaf children, their families, and to other professionals who are involved in a child's education. Teachers of the Deaf may be employed in Schools for Deaf, Deaf Facilities and Visiting Teacher Service.

Educational Interpreter

Educational Interpreters are specialist Educational Support (ES) staff who provide language and communication access in Auslan and English to support deaf and hard of hearing students in their learning environments.

Education Support

Education support staff are an integral part of a student's education team, working alongside the classroom teacher to ensure the learning needs of students are met. Education support staff provide students with personalised support, enabling access to the curriculum and learning environments across various learning levels and subject areas.


Enhancing your qualification to teach Auslan in schools –

To find out about Auslan teaching contact the Auslan Teachers' Association of Victoria (ATAV). ATAV can provide information around the qualifications needed to teach Auslan in schools. For further information head to the ATAV webpage.

Learning Auslan

To find accredited and non-accredited courses in Auslan nationally head to -


Current Opportunities (Victorian settings)

There are several websites advertising current employment opportunities in the Victorian public sector and in Victorian government schools.

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​Careers Victoria - Official website to search for and apply for
Public Sector roles

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​Jobs in Victorian Government schools (Recruitment Online).

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