Maximising the Use of Hearing Assistive Technology

Maximising the Use of Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) -  Three Presentations via Victorian Deaf Education Institute's YouTube channel will be released in mid January 2019. These presentations will be free to view and will not require registration. A link to the YouTube Videos will be available on our VDEI homepage in mid January.

Participants will:

  • identify barriers to effective listening and participation in the classroom for students who are DHH
  • apply strategies to their students so that they can independently identify and advocate for their own technological needs in the classroom
  • articulate current research about educational audiology
  • utilise assessment tools and assistive technology to cater the student's needs
  • inform schools about the educational benefits of the assistive hearing technology

DrSusanDill.jpgAn educational audiologist of 22 years, Dr Dillmuth-Miller is an Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA. 

She is a past president of the Educational Audiology Association, which is a global organisation for educational and paediatric audiologists. She teaches the undergraduate speech pathology/ audiology program and also a graduate speech pathology program. 

Dr Dillmuth-Miller consults families and school districts as an educational audiologist. She equips Visiting Teachers of the Deaf with the supports to ensure auditory access in the classroom.

 She also trains them how to prepare their students to advocate their educational technological needs. Dr Dillmuth- MilIer is one of the few audiologists who has worked with young people who are DHH in the diagnostic, educational, and university settings.