National Week of Deaf People

National Week of Deaf People (NWDP) runs from September 19 - 25. The theme for this year is Building Inclusive Communities for all.

NWDP is held every year and celebrates deaf people and the Deaf Community. Many organisations host events and information that aim to raise awareness and celebrate the Deaf community, culture and language. 

Since 2017 the week also includes International day of Signed Languages, September 23.  

For events in your local community, contact local Deaf organisations such as:

Related to education, Deaf Australia is hosting the Collin Allen AM Lecture Friday September 23 'Why our Deaf Schools need to be valued'. This event is both online and in person. For further details: The Colin Allen AM Lecture - Deaf Australia

To learn more about NWDP visit World Federation of the Deaf International Week of Deaf People 2022 - WFD (