Professional Learning Overview

​VDEI designs and delivers a world class Professional Learning Program that features high-calibre national and international presenters. The Program design demonstrates a strong focus on current research and leading professional practice and provides opportunities for educators to learn about leading practices in the field. VDEI incorporates lecture room space, state of the art interactive multi-media and remote-access conferencing facilities. This technology is frequently updated so that it continues to facilitate the engagement of national and international speakers for professional learning seminars and workshops.

The VDEI Professional Learning Program is underpinned by state-of-the-art technology that provides educators a range of access options to events that build their capability to support children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing. VDEI aims to ensure that all Victorian learning environments are welcoming and inclusive for children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), irrespective of their circumstances. High quality professional learning events have been designed to support the important role that specialist Teachers of the Deaf and allied professionals play in enabling inclusive learning opportunities for students who are DHH. 

The institute’s research and community partnerships enable the implementation of targeted policies and programs that have a measurable impact on the capability of practitioners to improve the quality of deaf education. To achieve these outcomes, VDEI communicates and engages with internal and external stakeholders in ways that foster collaboration, maintain trust and are responsive to changing expectations and needs.

Online presentations, courses and training modules are a feature of VDEI’s digital library. These resources offer a range of opportunities for professionals to engage in customised, targeted learning either individually of as part of their professional learning communities.  VDEI’s facilities enable educators to participate in professional learning opportunities in a variety of blended learning formats, including face-to-face attendance, remote access through live streaming and videoconferencing, webinars and online modules. Auslan interpreters and live captioning are provided for all sessions when requested by participants.

Alignment to pedagogical frameworks

All VDEI professional learning events are aligned with the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) the Victorian Teaching and Learning model and The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (commonly known as the AITSL Standards). 

The FISO model provides a common language for school improvement across the Victorian government school system. It is structured around four state-wide priorities that are proven to have a strong bearing on the effectiveness of a school:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning​
  • Professional leadership
  • Positive climate for learning
  • Community engagement in learning

The Victorian Teaching and Learning model incorporates:

  • Practice Principles with nine signature pedagogies that make the difference in improving student achievement and motivation
  • High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS), including the ten instructional practices that reliably increase student learning wherever they are applied