Hearing and Hearing Loss Lecture Series

We are pleased to share information about a new VDEI on-demand lecture series titled, Hearing and Hearing Loss. Hear four prominent academics and professionals discuss topics relating to the ear and perception of sound, audiology and hearing loss.

The comprehensive series consists of 22 topics which feature 75 separate videos delivered in short lecture style presentations, each 2-15 minutes in length. Learning checks are featured throughout the series to consolidate participant knowledge, and supporting materials are available for each presentation.

The lecture series costs $30 to access and provides 9 hours of professional learning content which is available to access over 12-months. Participants who complete the lecture series will receive a certificate noting 9 hours of professional learning.

For more information and to register, please visit: https://www.deafeducation.vic.edu.au/professional-learning/template?eventtemplate=134-vdei-online-hearing-and-hearing-loss-lecture-series